Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm purified water to eliminate stored faecal matter, gas, mucus & toxins. This allows vital nutrients to be better absorbed, leaving you feeling healthy & rejuvenated. Other benefits are clearer skin/eyes; enhanced mental clarity; increased energy; relief from headaches, allergies, piles, bloating, constipation and IBS symptoms; & the improvement of circulatory, immune & weight problems.

The colon (bowel/large intestine) is approximately 5-6 ft long. It has a two way wall, which completes the digestive process, absorbing final nutrients and water from digested foods and receiving dead cells and waste toxins from around the body. If the toxins present are not removed, the waste materials intended for a healthy exit become reabsorbed into the blood stream and re-distributed around the body. These toxins then have free run of the entire system where they proceed to settle and store in organs and weak spots (i.e. cellulite under the skin or arthritis in the joints) – as the body becomes overwhelmed with acidity, inevitably problems arise where levels of ‘Good’ bacteria fall quite substantially and bowel pH levels suffer. 

Your first visit will review your health and symptoms that you have been suffering from. It is important to treat you as anindividual, understandingyour unquie biology and consider all the factors which might be influencing your health. The colonic treatment itself takes about 45 minutes during which time you will experience special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter. You'll understand more about how your digestion system is functioning and learn which probiotics, foods and lifetsyle changes will help you overcome your health problems.

I make a point of treating everyone individually. I will have a number of herbs, tonics and organic coffee on hand to use as enemas during the treatment. For example, the use of coffee during a colonic hydrotherapy treatment can increase the release of bile from the liver, boost natural detoxification pathways and increase the body's antioxidant reserve.  

How many colonic treatments you need will entirely depend on the state of your gut. Some people find that one session is all they need to overcome persistant constipation where as some will require  a course of 6-8 treatments spread over two months then monthly treatments going forward. This will depend on your aims, your body type and state of health. One treatment is a good place to start and will help me identify what may be influencing your guthealth. 

I can't stress enough how safe and gentle this treatment is. Using the gravity method, all equipment is either disposable or sterilized using hospital approved solutions. Colon hydrotherapy is not habit forming – it can actually help reshape and re-tone your peristaltic muscles, allowing regular bowel movements. And please be assured your modesty is preserved at all times.

Most people will find a huge benefit to a colonic hydrotherapy session, there are certain conditions which would mean I would be unable to treat and it is advisable to contact me to see if a treatment would be right for you.

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"Sometimes we forget how good our body can feel. Simply identifying a nutritional imbalance or deficiency can help you achieve optimal health and peak performance.

From private consultations and employee wellness, to brand positioning and cleanse programmes, I use the latest in evidence-based nutritional science to design bespoke diet and lifestyle programmes just for you." - Jo Wright Dip NT


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