It was in my late 20’s that I started to really appreciate how a change in diet could have a profound impact on my health and wellbeing. I experienced first hand that the more whole, nutrients dense foods I ate the more my body started to heal. After a long and successful career as a Director in the Finance Services sector, I decided to study nutritional science professionally. I qualified from the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine, London, with distinction, and established private practice in West London. More recently, qualifying in Colonic Hydrotherapy from the National College of Colonic Hydrotherapists, in Devon,

Using a Functional Medicine framework, I offer bespoke nutritional and colonic hydrotherapy services to individuals wishing to optimise their health, while also working with a range of corporate clients to imrpove their wellness propositions and position products for the ever increasing demands of the knowledgeable consumer.

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Committe Member with responsibilty for Marketing/Social Media - Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotheapists (ARCH). ARCH is the oldest and largest association for colonic hydrotherapists, whose main function is to support its members in maintaining the highest standards of integrity. 

Colonic Hydrotherapy and Nutrition at Cosmetech. Based in the heart of Chelsea, Cosmetech is one of London's leading providers of face, body and holistic therpay treatments.

Wellness Consultant for Gaia Spa, Devon. A luxury spa set within the grounds of Boringdon Hall, Gaia Spa promotoes natural wellbeing and an opportunity to nourish mind, body and spirit away from the stress of city life and modern day living. 


Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition

College of Naturopathic Medicine,


BSc Biology

St Mary's University,


Additional training - Genetic Profiling

DNALife Diploma - Practitioner

DNAFit Diploma - Practitioner

Additional training - General

Gut Health - stool & microbiome analysis

Sports Nutrition

Weight Loss

Disordered Eating

Colonic Hydrotherapy Training

National College of Colonic Hydrotherapy, Devon





Full Indemnity Insurance

"Sometimes we forget how good our body can feel. Simply identifying a nutritional imbalance or deficiency can help you achieve optimal health and peak performance.

From private consultations and employee wellness, to brand positioning and cleanse programmes, I use the latest in evidence-based nutritional science to design bespoke diet and lifestyle programmes just for you." - Jo Wright Dip NT


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