5 Calming treats for the weekend

Posted by: jo | Friday 21st April 2017

In a city so busy catching a moment of peace can be tough. Stress, anxiety and worry can appear too easy as deadlines approach and the inbox overflows. Good mood food may sound a little too good to be true but these 5 calming treats for the the weekend could help you leave the busy week behind.

As Saturday approaches it's a good time to take in a deep breath, acknowledge what you have achieved and as you breathe out imagine your perfect weekend. I ams ure that Saturday's will involve great tasting food and just maybe you'll feel like eating a few of these mood boosting delights which are fairly easy to get a hold of.

5 Calming treats for the weekend:

MATCHA LATTE - These young green tea leaves have a little caffeine to keep us alert but a dose of the amino acid l-theanine to keep us calm 

AVO ON TOAST - Brimming with B vitamins, wholegrains can help manage stress while avocado's mono saturated fat and potassium keeps our blood pressure in check

RAW CACAO BAR - A little bit of what you fancy certainly does you good. A chocolate hit is no exception is no exception to this rule as it can help manage stress by modifying the release of cortisol

SUSHI - The seaweed is high in magnesium to help relax our muscles while the omega-3 rich oily fish will aid smooth nerve transmission. 

ALMOND BUTTER (on everything) - These morish nuts are packed with zinc and iron for balanced mood and to ease brain fog. 

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